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Re: Where is MetaTool/Stage?
On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, iso-8859-1 Aubin Mahé wrote: I think GENTLE can be an answer. http://www.first.gmd.de/gentle: Looks useful and interesting. It appears to be independent ofStage/MetaTool.Thanks for mentioning it.Anything else, anyone -Eddie Maddox http://eddiemaddox.com: address@hidden reply via email to. Eddie Maddox Prev in Thread.
The Termprocessor Generator Kimwitu 02.
allow low-level implementation directives be' '' open' ', as discussed above terms, implemented in a tool Kimwitu offers unparse rules, rewrite rules, and the use of pattern matchingin functions over terms terms, exchanged between tools Kimwitu generates functions that read/write terms from/to files tool integration.
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The Metatool - Quentin Kun Hin Yiu.
Design Conflict Resolution Toolkit 1.0. Columbia GSAPP Technology: Interactive table projection Course: Metatool critic: Dan Tae Young. All too often technology is used to augment the human subject to gain a competitive advantage over one another. Could we use technology to overcome these hierarchies and allow people to understand others perspective?
Metatool 5.0: fast and flexible elementary modes analysis Bioinformatics Oxford Academic.
2003 The new SBW-Matlab interface Wellock et al, 2005 opens up the possibility to easily integrate the current version of Metatool into the SBW. The central routines can now optionally be used by the FluxAnalyzer/CellNetAnalyzer Klamt et al, 2003 which thereby profits from the increased performance of Metatool.
Meta Tool - Metatags Extractor: Parse and extract values of meta tag properties - PHP Classes.
This class can parse and extract values of meta tag properties. It can retrieve a given page and parse it to get the values of the page meta tag values. The class supports extracting regular meta tag values, as well values of OpenGraph and App Link values.
Academic Meta Tool Samian Research Punzen-Töpfer-Netzwerk Ontology Zenodo.
January 19, 2018 Dataset Open Access. Academic Meta Tool Samian Research Punzen-Töpfer-Netzwerk Ontology. Florian Thiery; Allard Mees. Academic Meta Tool Samian Research Punzen-Töpfer-Netzwerk Ontology. Files 4.9 kB. See more details. All versions This version. More info on how stats are collected.
clang-metatool: clang-metatool - A framework for reusing code in clang tools.
When building a clang tool you are expected to ship the builtin headers from the compiler with the tool, otherwise the tool will fail to find headers like stdarg.h. Clang expects to find the builtin headers relative to the absolute path of where the tool is installed.
New Caledonian crows use mental representations to solve metatool problems.
Here, we presented New Caledonian crows with a series of metatool problems where each stage was out-of-sight of the others and the crows had to avoid either a distractor apparatus containing a non-functional tool or a non-functional apparatus containing a functional tool.

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